Devta By Mohiuddin Nawab

Devta By Mohiuddin Nawab Part 1 pdf book

Devta By Mohiuddin Nawab Part 1 pdf book

Deity by Mohi-ud-Din Nawab is a novel based on a very popular serial. It began in February 1977 and appears monthly in the Suspense Digest, ending with the death of its fictional telepathic narrator, Farhad Ali Teymour. Thank you for visiting Mohi-ud-Din Nawab under Devta free download and free download in PDF

It is a story that begins with a high school boy living in the town of Shahdara on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan. The story is titled as a “deity” derived from the Hindi dialect, which is rendered by Hinduism as “God” or a natural deity. He has been portrayed as a deity due to his storytelling and the increasing power of mind control through telepathy or psychiatry. This is the personal history of Farhad Ali Teymour, a man of astonishing claimant power. He fights at other gatherings of the super master and black market mafia criminal, and at various stages, from the territories and islands, and from the battlefields of government circles and the homes of private power dealers.


The story is different from the stories where Farhad appears with rivals at every stage and in different structures. Farhad first begins as an amateur, soon to be picked up by the US spy agency “Super master” gathering. Supertaster is an age-old underground supervisor who works for US interests around the world and primarily controls the best men in the US military, regular civilian government, and monetary. It is the best secret agent in the world to control the wrong system, fear, interest, conspiracy, and drugs. The Super master Organization is the best mystery office. You can also view the Urdu book pdf on this website.

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